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Following many rumors in the past few weeks, Apple has just released a new video iPod. The iPod has a larger screen with more colors than the previous iPod Photo. It even has TV out so you can watch videos/TV shows on your TV. Apple have also just released iTunes 6 which allows syncing of videos and downloading videos from the iTunes Music Store. If only we had it in Australia that is!!

iPod Video

What is really exciting me though is the potential for distributing short independent films. Video podcasts are supported so users of iTunes should be able to sync videos from people’s blogs to their iPod. This could become a fantastic delivery method for filmmakers to deliver their films to an audience. I wonder how hard it is to actually get your films or music on sale on the iTunes Store?

I haven’t tried importing any of my short films into iTunes yet.. I think I need to update Quicktime which requires a restart. I sense the need to get a new iPod to experiment with this exciting new technology!!

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