Paint Moves: Naomie Kremer

I found this article on the Apple site about artist Naomie Kremer. The article was very interesting and I enjoyed reading about what other artists are doing with bringing their paintings into the digital world. Kremer starts off with high resolution digital photographs of her paintings which she brings into Photoshop. She then uses the lasso tool to outline particular areas of interest and certain brush strokes in the painting. She then puts them onto separate layers – around 1000 of them!!


She then moves them into Apple Motion and animates the strokes to create a kind of ‘abstract narrative’ based around the original painting. You can view some of the finished videos of the ‘moving paintings’ here and here. They are quite impressive and the way she works with the large amount of strokes is very well done. It definitely gives the audience a different way of viewing and appreciating the paintings. The way she transforms the abstract strokes into a somewhat narrative style is very interesting. I would love to see them in real life alongside the original paintings.

I do feel that there are some other ways she could approach the process of making her paintings move. In the pieces that I have seen there is a distinct separation between the original painting/strokes and the digital movement. It is almost as if the piece is saying ‘this is a painting that is moving’. I feel that she could dissolve the boundaries between the original painting and its digital moving counterpart; thus creating an entirely new and separate creation. It would also be interesting to view the pieces in more of a non-linear style, where there isn’t such a clear progression from one scene to the next.

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