Golden Flora 4

Another short extract from my latest composite. It’s becoming interesting trying to name and organize all of the different compositions so that when it comes to editing them all together I’ll be able to work out what’s what. At the moment I’m experimenting with organizing them into folders by their main color themes.

Golden Flora

Click on image to view movie (1MB)

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4 thoughts on “Golden Flora

  • ashling

    hey, way kewl daniel 🙂
    how long does it need to go for again ?
    and when did you say earth core Is ? …. now thats scary …. and what is this TV thing your talking about ?? *shrugs* ?? ……

    “what you dont know cant hurt you ”


    “ignorance is bliss ”

    yes ? / no ?

    lol … cheers ash 🙂

  • ash

    quote: “It is 25-27 nov. you coming??”

    response: hmmmyeah ! eye think eye better :p
    and eye try and talk the uthers into it as’wells …. lol
    we all join in …. cos it sounds like too much moore fun for a koala to bear *winks*


    ash 🙂