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GridPro PowerbookFollowing on from my recent video compositing and editing experiments, I have become interesed in VJ-ing. From Wikipedia:

The word VJ is used to represent video performance artists who create live visuals on all kinds of music. It originates from a parallel with DJs, although most VJs nowadays have more to do with musicians than with DJs.

I have been looking at the video performance software GridPro. It seems to have a really nice intuitive and powerful interface. Like most VJ software it allows you to integrate audio and video elements into a cohesive artwork. For example, the software can analyze a live audio signal and use the beat or other elements of the audio signal to drive effects and filters over the video footage. I am really excited about incorporating techniques such as this in my artworks and look forward to learning how to use GridPro.

There is also a great collection of video artists/VJs featured on the GridPro website. One of the artists whose work I enjoyed watching was Johnny DeKam. They have a great excerpt of one of his pieces on the site:

Johnny DeKam Video
Click image to view the excerpt, 6.8MB Quicktime.

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