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If you’re prepared to – or are preparing to – fork out the extra cash and go organic in your eating, it may be what you’re not paying for that will do you the most good. Pesticides, for example.


A group of university researchers said today that they had created what sounds like a nutritional holy grail: cloned pigs that make their own omega-3 fatty acids, potentially leading to bacon and pork chops that might help your heart.

Happy PigModern science seems to think it is above Nature; that it can control and ‘improve’ the yield and so-called nutritional benefits of food. When will we learn to leave Mother Nature alone and stop our scientific corruption. If omega-3 isn’t in pigs, it isn’t there for a reason. We aren’t Gods to dictate over Nature.

I also love the photo of the ‘happy pig’ alongside the article. It seems like a very content pig, having a nice relaxing day in the sun, not a worry in the world. Or maybe it is a little deluded; maybe it has forgotten the reality of modern pig factory farming:


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One thought on “Modern ‘food’

  • ashling

    and here i was
    happily living in bliss full ignorance
    until you came along and changed ‘that’ forever *sheesh*
    my saturday bacon brunches will never be the same again 😉

    gold star
    and good werk !!!