Some works in progress

First layer of acrylic on a 110 x 60 cm canvas. Ready to switch to oils and start bringing the composition together with some glazes.

This one has been going for over a year. I come back to it every few months and add another layer. This actually started as an excercise where I was going to copy a photograph of a lighthouse in the ocean. The photograph went missing so I decided to make up the rest of the scene. It is 60 x 40 cm oil on canvas. I’m planning to experiment with creating some haze around the horizon as well as glazes over the sky and the bottom of the composition. We’ll see what happens…

Img 3262

A little 25 x 20 cm experiment with acrylic and oil on canvas. I’m currently exploring abstraction within nature and am particularly interested in the movement and form of water and the sky.

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