To end terrorism, we must first find its allure

Ankon Rahman from The Age writes:

The finding that the Iraq war is cultivating supporters for the global jihadist movement, contained in the recently declassified US National Intelligence Estimate report, is alarming. But it should not be surprising.

We seek to thwart terrorists — but only after they have formed the desire to terrorise us. By then it is too late.

This means the decisive battlegrounds in the misnamed “war” on terror are not Afghanistan and Iraq but the hearts and minds of those who would be terrorists. And the decisive blow will come not from a weapon, but from stopping the supply of terrorists. This will only be achieved through the restoration of hope and by ensuring effective representation and participation in the international economic system.

It is good to see these points of view being published. It is just a pity they seem to always be attached to the ‘Opinion’ section. Why not on the front page like the other ‘terror’ news?

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