Inspiration: Kerry Martin 3

Whilst in Tasmania last week I visited the Stanley Art Gallery and discovered Kerry Martin‘s work. Her large oil paintings feature an incredible use of light and shadow that draw you deep within the work. Each work evokes the feeling of a dramatic and sublime world reminiscent of Romantic era […]

Virgil Elliott on Oiling Out 1

Found this on quote on WetCanvas about oiling out a painting: Oiling out with linseed oil before painting into a dried passage is preferable to using retouch varnish to resaturate the colors, from a standpoint of sound archival practice. Oils dry partly through oxidation, and varnish over the top of […]

Non-toxic pigments

Here is a list of non-toxic pigments I found on WetCanvas a while ago: Violet-Blue Ultramarine (PB29) Green-Blue Phthalocyanine Blue GS (PB15:3) Manganese Blue (PB33) Violet-Red Pyrrole Red (PR254) Anthraquinoid Red (PR177) (good substitute for Alizarin Crimson in oils) Naphthol Carbamide (PR170) Yellow-Red Quinacridone Red Y (PR209) Naphthol AS (PR188) […]