Human Locator Interactive Installation

Received a link to some interesting new interactive installations at a night club in Las Vegas. The installation allows the audience to interact with the work. Dragging ripples of water across an image with their hands or rotating an image by walking on and around the table. My favourite is […]

Image Savant 1

Found a link through to Image Savant at the Center for Visual Music. It has some great digital art reminiscent of solar systems and galaxies. The artist uses particle systems to generate some incredible imagery: His work has been used in Hollywood films such as Solaris. He has also done […]

Visual music links

Discovered the Center for Visual Music, a site dedicated to visual music. Has lots of research information on the history of visual music and synaesthesia (this is where I found a link to that history of synaesthesia). Also found a website dedicated to the work of the 20th century artist […]

Construct #552 screening at Federation Square 1

Construct #552 will be screening in ArtBreak over the next month at Federation Square, Melbourne. The focus of ArtBreak is on new-media, creativity and innovation, connectivity, communication, interactivity, urban dynamics and a community shared cultural experience. The aim of ArtBreak is to showcase works of local and overseas artists projected […] 1

I’ve been browsing through It’s a great resource for finding public domain footage to use in videoart. But it isn’t just for video: The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access […]

An interesting projection surface

I was walking down Exhibition St. in Melbourne the other night and came across a massive piece of what appeared to be videoart being projected onto a building wall. It created a very interesting display surface. The projection wasn’t incredibly bright but that actually gave the work an interesting texture, […]

Construct #552 2

Click to view film (30MB) Summary – Mankind and nature’s struggle for perception. Where does nature end and industry triumph. Medium – Digital Video and Computer Animation Length – 2:28 seconds Completed – 2005 Screenings – ArtBreak, Federation Square Blue Dandenongs Youth Film Festival, Belgrave 24Seven Videoart, Glitch Bar Dust […]