Inspiration: Kerry Martin 3

Whilst in Tasmania last week I visited the Stanley Art Gallery and discovered Kerry Martin‘s work. Her large oil paintings feature an incredible use of light and shadow that draw you deep within the work. Each work evokes the feeling of a dramatic and sublime world reminiscent of Romantic era paintings as well as Japanese printmaking.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Kerry Martin

  • Meredith

    Hey Daniel
    We too holidayed in Stanley in early May 08. We experienced a similar rapture at the dreamy misty timeless works by Kerry Martin. I fully agree with your eloquent description embracing the Romantic era and Japanese print making. We bought one of the large works and it hangs at one end of our family room. We walk in the back door and look towards the disappearing waters of the Gordon River. The steps to the cellar are beneath it, delineating our here and Kerry’s there in moat-like fashion.

    • Kerry Martin

      Hello Meredith,
      I found your comments about my work on Daniel Rigos’s site and decided to do a bit of self-promotion – I can add you to my invitation lists if you wish: You can contact me via email and visit my website for recent info.

  • Atniz

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of art, but I must admit that this artwork is simply superb creation. Truly, one who is gifted can deliver pieces like this.