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Upon arriving in the train toilet the rattling of train tracks became suspiciously louder. Gazing down the chute I soon noticed the rapidly moving train tracks completely open and only two feet below. What an ingeniously simple system of waste disposal! The smell along railway lines must be horrendous.

People squatting down in the middle of a busy road to relieve themselves, getting up and continuing their day’s shopping.

A painted saddhu (wandering holy man) who looks like he has just returned from 15 years of isolation in the Himalayas sitting under a tree in his orange robes reading the morning paper.

Another orange saddhu relaxing at a restaurant whilst smoking a joint and having a lively conversation on his mobile phone.

Where in prime time TV in Australia we have luxury car adverts in India one sees adverts for light switches, taps, electric shock protection and UPS (uninterruped power supplies). After experiencing the constant blackouts, dodgy hotel circuitry and leaking taps I understand why.

People foregoing the need for a power socket and shoving two wires straight into the power point instead.

A standard Indian restaurant menu consisting of no less than six cultures’ food. Who would think that the same Indian kitchen could cook Italian, French, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Tibetan and Nepalese food? It is all surprisingly good though!

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