Art Spectrum Australian landscape oil colours 2

Art Spectrum, an Australian oil paint manufacturer have a range of 13 different oil colours that they developed with inspiration from the Australian landscape. I have used their colour Australian Red Gold for years and it is one of my absolute favourites. It is an amazing glazing colour that goes from deep red when laid on thickly to an amazing warm yellow as it is spread out thinly into a glaze. I use it as my main yellow and orange in most of my paintings and you can build amazing vibrancy when building it up in multiple layers.

I recently had a look at their page dedicated to all their Australian colours and it looks like they have an amazing range. I am particularly excited about Flinders Red Violet and Australian Green Gold. They all seem to be particularly well suited to landscape painting and aren’t too bright and dominant like the pure cadmiums.

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2 thoughts on “Art Spectrum Australian landscape oil colours

  • Mark

    I was looking into the Art Spectrum line of oils colors after seeing a Australian landscape set offered on Ebay. In the search your blog came up and I was delighted to see your work. I tend to be drawn to emotionally powerful skies…if that makes sense. Living in Melbourne you are treated to a much different atmosphere then the ones I am familiar with here on US. mid-Atlantic coast. I live very near to Chesapeake Bay and especially on lower shores we have golden sunsets that inspire etc. I’ll have to mark your sight to check in once in a while. Already you have inspired me to do some “big sky” sketches. Thanks for the first hand info on the AS oils as well…not sure if I really need to purchase another 12 tube set of paints but I do now wish to look into the Aussie Red Gold and Blue Violet as these two are hues that I am also drawn to using quite often. The pics from India are wonderful and inspiring as well!

    Thanks and best wishes from Balto,